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  Hi there, welcome to project "Get to know and love what squeaks in the grass" Updates. It’s nice to see you here! This is the place where you’ll hear all the latest news about project. We also want to share with you what we have on deck for future updates.

During 15.02.2016r.-03.14.2016 r. In the Municipal Cultural Centre in Reszel we organized 9 two-hours lectures for local communities. The subject of the lectures was :global warming and its effects on biodiversity, invasive species, shrinking of habitats of animal and plant species, human interference in biodiversity. there was huge interest about lectures. Participation in it reminded participants the need of protection of the environment in which we live. It showed the biggest risks that can badly affect on the environment.
Lectures lead by Bronisław Krystianiak.

Within the project "Get to know and love what squeaks in the grass" 9 two-hour lectures were conducted in period 11.02.2016r.-25.02.2016r. in which attended 207 students from School No. 1 in Szczytno. On the basis of a computer presentation and video approximated issues of global threats and biodiversity.
Young people showed great interest in learning and activity during getting to know the relation of cause-effect risks of life. Most of self-reliance reflected in the group work when students identify specific risks to the species of animals (including bees, bat, seals) and the actions that can be taken to protect it.
Participation in the lectures resulted in the initiative to take "small actions" on Biodiversity, which provides high sensitivity and openness of youth to the needs of nature.
Here are some statements of youth about the reads:
"I learned what we can do to help the animals"
"I learned a lot and I would like to have more activities like that"
"Classes were conducted in an interesting way, refreshments were good and nutritious"
"I liked working in groups and nice atmosphere"
"I came to better understand what is biodiversity"
"There were interesting movies and nice treat"
lectures led by Teresa Grzeszczak and Alina Borodziuk.

on 1-5 February 2016 r. In the Secondary School in Myszyniec 9 two-hour lectures on "Global warming and its effects on biodiversity", for children, adolescents and adults were conducted.
Readings on the following issues:
- What is climate change?
- What are the current and future consequences of global warming?
- What we can do for climate protection?
- Poland against global warming.
During the course youngest children benefit from the game board and magnetic board on the above mentioned topics. For a variety of classes students watched short videos about
- "Global warming"
- "Maledives"
- "Carbon dioxide and its consequences for the atmosphere"
Interest in activities was very large. For some of them came scouts from our school and the athletes, staff of the College and children from wintering grounds RCKK in Myszyniec. Participation in the lectures increased environmental awareness of the participants and made that all know about the consequences of climate warming. At the end of the meeting the participants used the refreshments.
Persons engaged Irena Olender and Elżbieta Piechowska

From November 2015 in area of Ketrzyn, Szczytno and Ostroleka district in Primary Schools, and secondary schools within the project "Get to know and love what squeaks in the grass" were conducted lectures for children and youth. Educational activities led the social naturalist- bodyguards, who participated in the training. During the lectures they discussed about issues related to environmental Protection, threats and the consequences that have a huge impact on our environment. As a part of the lectures there have been organized competitions for children and youth, where you could get a nice gift.

Here a few notes and photos from the lecture made by people who run this activity:

1. Lectures, which I run in 3 second classes of Primary School in Reszel, went weary well . Although I had big stage fright I coped to do it. Children were involved in lectures, they took an active part in the discussion and in the competition, they liked the film "A trip to the forest" that i showed them. Awards from competition give them great joy. I think they understand concepts of biodiversity , ecosystem and why we need to protect our environment. My impression of these activities are very positive.

Grażyna Burłucka

2.During realization of project "Get to know and love what squeaks in the grass" classes about environmental protection has been realized in the second class of the Primary School No. 3 in Szczytno. Classes aimed to modeling in children active attitude, appropriate behavior and habits concerning the protection of the environment. Students learned about the effects of good and bad human activates in nature. They recognized the tremendous role of the forest, clean water and the environment on health and life of each of us. They solidified and expanded the knowledge of plants and animals living in the forests. The film "Safe Forest" recalled and extended knowledge of students about treats and safe behavior in the forest. The use of different methods and forms of work and a variety of teaching aids affected on big attractiveness of classes. Interest in the subject of nature and the environment among the students is huge. Through such activities we gain a great crowd of supporters of environmental protection , care for their own environment and conscious of taking care of our planet. The students were very interested and active in class. Through games, puzzles, common action and the conversation we bring up very important issues concerning the protection of the environment and the future life on Earth.

Bożenna Dermont

3.During 17 - 23 November 2015 in the Primary School in Myszyniec in classes 0 and I-III took part classes about ecological topics realized thru project "Get to know and love what squeaks in the grass". These lectures attracted a lot of excitement in the children. With great interest and joy they watched images of various animals, plants, trees, landscapes. Sadly they spoke about illustrations, in which they had seen garbage thrown out in unauthorized places, burning forests, smoking chimneys, cars emitting exhaust fumes. Participation in the meeting realized the children the need of continuous care for the surrounding environment. A nice element during classes was a contest in form of puzzles, which have not caused problems for children and a variety of gifts they received at the end of the lesson.

Elżbieta Piechowska

4.During the lectures students:
- get to know the forms of nature protection
- They learned in a friendly way to collaborate and communicate in the group
- Expanded knowledge about nature protection
- They realized that a human should be wise host of land and be able to rationally use its wealth without affecting the balance of nature.
Classes were held in the various stages of education and in different age classes:
- Technical economic Scholl - II and III class
- Technical business Scholl - IV class
- Basic vocational school - I class
The meetings gave us teachers, a lot of satisfaction, because the youth was weary interested in the presented subjects which resulted in their big activity. With satisfaction we watched the work with parts of the Nature Conservation Act, and the materials evoked memories of staying in different interesting natural places in our region. In conclusion, I consider that the subject of the meeting, materials and the finishing meeting by competition met with great interest. it confirms the relevance of the subject and methods of implementation of the project "Get to know and love what squeaks in the grass".
An important aspect of this project is to intergenerational integration.

Jadwiga Kolb

September 2015 - October 2015 r.- we organized family picnics "BBE-our smaller brothers". during the family picnic every inhabitant of the district Ketrzyn, Szczytno and Ostroleka could take part. During picnics were organized competitions about the protection of BBE, which was scheduled prizes.

August 2015 - the participants went on a study visit to the Bialowieza National Park. The aim of the visit was to explore the Bison Reserve, see the animals and getb to know to their customs and history of getting back its population in the Bialowieza National Park by guides stories play their

May 2015 - August 2015 - the project participants took part in ecoturs "Getting to know the biological biodiversity and ecosystems (BBE) of our neighbors." Tours were conducted in the districts of Ketrzyn, Szczytno, Ostroleka. The aim of the tour was to learn about biodiversity in valuable natural objects in different dist.

Biking, and walking trips have also been organized in the period September-October 2015.


May 2015 - August 2015 participants took part in biking trips, follow the road of Mazowieckie and Warmia-Mazury region.

Project participants took part in walking rallies, where routes lead through most attractive natural and landscape places.

Below you can watch a video of the project "Get to know and love what squeaks in the grass"


During period May 2015 – August 2015 we invites you to take part in "Training of social naturalists - bodyguards of biodiversity in local communities" and active learning about biodiversity by local communities. The training includes theoretical and practical classes. During the outdoor activities we provide a meal for the participants. During training we will organize study visits to well known environmental facilities in Poland (including visit to the Bialowieza Forest). As part of the active learning about the local biodiversity we invite project participants to take part in eco-tours "Getting to know the biological biodiversity and ecosystems (BBE) of our neighbours", group tours of cycling, walking of Biological Biodiversity and Ecosystem trail, family picnics "Biological biodiversity and ecosystems-our smaller brothers". During the tours and picnics competitions on the protection of BBE will be organized.

You're welcome!

  Published on 2015-05-06

During period January 2015 - April 2015 we invites you to take part in workshops "Why and how protect biodiversity"

During the workshops we provide:
- meal,
- educational materials,
- Newsletter about workshop,
- Informational and promotional materials,
- informational and promotional Conference.

  Published on 2015-01-07

During period September 2014 – April 2015 we invites you to take part in workshops "Selected liked and disliked species of animals and plants in close natural environment"

During the workshops we provide:
- meal,
- educational materials,
- Newsletter about workshop
- Informational and promotional materials,
- informational and promotional Conference.

  Published on 2014-09-01

During period May 2014 – July 2014 we invites you to take part in workshops "Vademecum of civic knowledge about the protection of biodiversity for local communities"

During the workshops we provide:
- meal,
- educational materials,
- Newsletter for local community.

  Published on 2014-05-06

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invites you to take part in::

⇒  series of lectures in the field of global threats

⇒  ecotours

⇒  group tours of cycling, walking

⇒  family picnics

⇒  workshops about enviroments treats issues

⇒  training of social naturalists-guards

⇒  study visits to famous areas of environmental protection in Poland

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